Reliv Independent Distributor

A story..... perhaps you can relate?

     I have a picture that is very dear to me, you know, one of the many that our children make for us? This one has pennies paper clipped to it and it hangs on my wall by my desk. My youngest son made this for me about twelve years ago when when he was about ten years old.
I suffered, at that time, with many, many headaches. It was a daily thing for me, 24-7. This particular  headache had put me into bed for three days, unable to do anything. So my young son was inspired by love, by compassion to draw me a picture.  He drew a picture, a person kneeling at the foot of Jesus' Cross, wrote on it that everyone loves me and had everyone who came over to our home sign it. Yes, he paper clipped pennies all up the one side and across the bottom!
When I 'woke up', this was lying on my pillow...  Oh! My heart! This was before I knew about the company I would fall madly in love with as an independent distributor: Reliv International. In a couple weeks using their (our) products my headaches had greatly improved! This picture of love, of compassion, was the beginning of MY WHY.  It has grown into a passion... as great loves do.....